This boy from San Lorenzo grew to be a Latin mega pop star

His name is Chayanne and he is recognized worldwide as an icon of Spanish pop music with many successful world tours, over 50 million albums sold worldwide, and countless awards in the music industry.

He was born in San Lorenzo, a town in the countryside located in the Cayey Mountain Range. It is relatively small, with 41,000 inhabitants and a territory of 53 square miles. San Lorenzo is a traditional town where you will see fruit plantations, lots of horse riding, troubadours, and folk music.

As you can imagine, Chayanne is the favorite son of this town and they showed how proud they were by naming Road PR #203 Highway as “Expreso Chayanne”.  Similarly, Chayanne named his son Lorenzo Valentino in honor of his hometown’s saint patron.

Road to San Lorenzo

Even though Chayanne lives now in Miami, he still comes to San Lorenzo to visit his family, especially during the Christmas season.

If you want to visit the hometown of this artist (who is known to be very easy going and humble), you can do so during one of the town’s traditional fiestas. These are yearly events to celebrate the saint patron or local activities that are important to sanlorenceños.

Fiestas and Festivals in Chayanne’s Hometown

  • Festival de Bordado y Tejido (Embroidering and Weave Festival)
  • Festival de Chiringa (Kite Festival)
  • Fiestas de Cruz (Cross Celebration)
  • Fiestas de la Candelaria (Candelaria Celebrations)
  • Fiestas patronales (Saint Patron Fiestas)
  • Festival de la Parcha (Passion Fruit Festival)
  • Truya de Reyes (Three Kings Cavalry)
  • Cabalgata Moncho Román (Moncho Román Horse Riding)

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