Interested in knowing why the Bomba… ay que rica es?

Bomba ay que rica es

La bomba, ay que rica es If you have been to a parranda, then you must know about that funny part where participants start to recite funny verses, or bombas. These are rhymes that allude to love, funny, or crafty situations. The bomba session starts when the musicians play an intro then proceed to shout … Read more

Free bomba dance lessons in Old San Juan

Puerto Rico Music

Bomba music and dance in a Spanish colonial setting If you are interested in learning bomba dancing, you just need to show up this coming Sunday to the “Fundación Nacional Para la Cultura Popular” (Popular Culture National Foundation) headquarters for free classes. The classes will be held from 10:00 a.m. at the FNPCP headquarters located in … Read more

Ricky Martin dances bomba in Loíza

Ricky Martin dancing plena

Ricky Martin just inaugurated one of his projects in Puerto Rico, the  Tau Center.   This is a  place that serves children and youth who are dropouts, or removed from their households for any kind of abuse. The educational program offered in The Tau Center combines academics, arts, health, social justice and sports. During the opening ceremony, Ricky … Read more

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