El Jibarito Rafael Hernández

Rafael Hernández (1891-1965) was a Puerto Rican composer, arranger, and musician. He is considered one of the most important and prolific composers of Puerto Rican music in the 20th century.

Hernández was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and began his music playing the trumpet, violin, trombone, the saxhorn, guitar and piano in local bands. He moved to New York City in 1919, where he worked as a musician and arranger for various bands and orchestras. In 1929, he formed his own band, the Conjunto Victoria, which became very popular and recorded many of Hernández’s compositions.

Rafael Hernández’ legacy

Hernández composed over 300 songs during his career, many of which became classics of Puerto Rican music. Some of his most famous compositions include “Lamento Borincano,” “Preciosa,” “Cumbanchero,” “Campanitas de Cristal,” and “Capullito de Alelí.” His music blended elements of Puerto Rican folk music with jazz, swing, and other genres, and helped to popularize Puerto Rican music around the world.

Rafael Hernandez is considered one of the most important and influential composers in Latin American music history. His music was characterized by a fusion of different musical styles, including the plena, danza, and bolero. Hernandez was also a pioneer of Latin American musical theater, and his compositions were often used in films, television shows, and musical productions.

Hernandez’s music has had a significant impact on Latin American culture and has been recognized for its artistic and cultural significance. He received numerous awards and honors during his lifetime.

Overall, Rafael Hernandez’s musical contributions have left a lasting legacy in Latin American music history. His music continues to be celebrated and enjoyed by people around the world, and his influence on Puerto Rican and Latin American culture cannot be overstated.

Songs by Rafael Hernández

Campanitas de Cristal

Casitas de la Montaña

Capullito de Alelí

El Cumbanchero

Lamento Borincano


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