Puerto Rico is Music! E-book

A book for people who travel to Puerto Rico to enjoy music and local residents who want a convenient reference of the venues they can go to have fun.

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In this guide you will find over 250 festivities and nightlife venues that you can go to enjoy our music. This is the must have reference for people that want to have a good time in Puerto Rico.

  • Lists of festivals, fiestas where you can enjoy artistic activities for free.
  • Sample music programs of past festivals and festivities.
  • Lists of free, high quality musical events that are not even known to residents.
  • Links to videos describing the types of music you might find at events.
  • Lists of places where you can learn how to dance… and where to practice your dancing skills.
  • Lists of places where you can find live music at night, any given weekend.
  • Descriptions of places and landmarks related to music and musicians.

Preview table of contents and introduction.

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