A week in the life of salsa dancers in Puerto Rico

There are many options for salsa dancers in Puerto Rico

If you want to find salsa dancers while visiting Puerto Rico, there are many places to spot them from Tuesday to Sunday… and sometimes even on Monday.  Here is a sampling of the venues where you can see salsa groupies any given week.

Sampling of the salsa activity any given week

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CODE Bar & Lounge (Hato Rey) – DJ.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today’s options:

1. El Barril (Condado) – Live music.
2. Nuyorican Cafe (Viejo SJ)  – Live music.
3. El Boricua (Río Piedras) – DJ.
4. Landa Lounge & Cuisine (Guaynabo) – DJ.
5. Konga (Río Piedras) – Live music.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Today’s options:

1. Nuyorican Cafe (Viejo San Juan) – Live music.
2. Mijani The Club (Placita de Santurce) – Live music with Julio Badillo y Las Estrellas de la Salsa.
3. Hanna’s Sports Pub (Caguas) – Live music with Grupo Potencia HD.
4. Fiestas Patronales (Peñuelas) – Live music with Grupo Esencia.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Today’s options:

1. La Hoja Eco-Bar (Santurce) – Live music with Orquesta 6 Ballare.
2. Nuyorican Cafe (Viejo SJ) – Live music.
3. Al Fresco Music Culinary Show (Caguas) – Live music with. Orquesta Clase y Más, Pupy Santiago and his Descarga Cubana.
4. Intercontinental San Juan Resort & Hotel (Isla Verde) – Live music with Michael Stuart and Orq. Abran Paso.
5. San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino (Condado) – Live music with Ismael Miranda.
6. Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino (Miramar) – Live music with Grupo Zalsabor.
7. Konga Salsa Temple (Río Piedras) – Live music with Grupo Son con Clase.
8. La Clave (Ponce) – Live music with Zone-K-Ribe.
9. Sangriiia Town (Arecibo) – Live music with Pirulo Y La Tribu.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Today’s options:

1. Nuyorican Cafe (Viejo SJ) – Live music.
2. San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino (Condado) – Live music with Bakeré All Star Band.
3. Havana Nights (Isla Verde) – Live music with Conjunto Guaraní.
4. Winners Convention Center El Camarero (Canóvanas) – Live music with La Mulenze, Pirulo Y La Tribu, Ray de la Paz and his Orchestra.
5. Coamo Culinary Fest (Coamo) – Live music.
6. Isabela tiene Sabor (Isabela) – Live music with Son de Barrio, Ismael y su trompeta.
7. Fiestas de Pueblo (Quebradillas) – Live music with. Orq. Willie Rosario.
8. JET Dance Club (Cabo Rojo) – Live music with Don Perignon y Orq. La Puertorriqueña.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Today’s options:

1. Nuyorican Cafe (Viejo SJ) – Live music with Los Realengos.
2. Festival del Atlántico (Arecibo) – Live music with La Sonora Ponceña.
3. El Barril de Jun (Río Grande) – Live music with Conjunto Son del Barril.
4. Humacao Culinary Fest (Humacao) – Live music with. Orq. Salbohé.
5. Amahia Maratón Musical (Puerto Nuevo) – Live music with Pirulo Y La Tribu, Tego Calderón, Ballaré and others.
6. Fiestas de Pueblo (Quebradillas) – Música en vivo. Live music with Papo Sánchez, Pirulo & La Tribu, Ismael Miranda.
7. Festival Nacional del Plátano (Corozal) – Live music with Orq. La Mancha.

The addresses, telephone numbers and schedule of salsa events for all these venues are provided in our e-book Puerto Rico is Music! If you don’t want to miss this book, register in the form that appears in that page to receive a note when the book becomes available (we hope it will be within a week).

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