Jibaro music in restaurants across the countryside

Sunday lunches taste better with Jibaro music

Puerto Ricans love food, and one of our favorite ways to spend time with family members is by going to restaurants in the countryside on Sundays. This is one of the best ways to find authentic dishes, especially those that are cooked the old way, in stone stoves or grilled in a rod. Frequently, restaurant owners invite folk music performers to sing at their locations because mountains in the countryside, authentic food and jíbaro music go perfectly together. Let’s go to Hacienda Muñoz.

9th Hacienda Muñoz Cultural Festival

Hacienda Muñoz, San Lorenzo
Hacienda Muñoz, San Lorenzo

This weekend, a restaurant called Hacienda Muñoz, in San Lorenzo, is hosting such an event. On Sunday, November the16th, this restaurant in the Central Mountain Range will sponsor the 9th Festival Cultural Hacienda Muñozwhich will bring together some of the best troubadours in the island. Among the artists that will perform are:

  • Andrés Jiménez
  • Decimanía with the best troubadours

    Festival Cultural Hacienda Muñoz 2014
    Festival Cultural Hacienda Muñoz 2014
  • Casiano Betancourt
  • Roberto Silva
  • Omar Santiago
  • Sammy Quijano
  • Luis Daniel Colón, plus
  • Troubadour kids

As you listen to jíbaro music in Hacienda Muñoz, you will be able to experience delicacies such as mamposteao rice stuffing, briskets aplatanados, kan-kan chops and grilled veal chop with a selection of international wines.

Places to have lunch on a Sunday

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