Ricky Martin dances bomba in Loíza

Ricky Martin just inaugurated one of his projects in Puerto Rico, the  Tau Center.   This is a  place that serves children and youth who are dropouts, or removed from their households for any kind of abuse. The educational program offered in The Tau Center combines academics, arts, health, social justice and sports.

ricky martin
Ricky was in Loíza, a town that is know by its “vejigantes”

During the opening ceremony, Ricky danced bomba, one of the native rhythms we review in our book Puerto Rico is Music. The Tau Center is located in Loíza, a small town and municipality on the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico.  Every year, Loíza celebrates a festival where people parade wearing around “vejigante” masks. These masks made ​​of coconut, and painted in multiple colors.

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