La Tuna de Cayey

La Tuna de Cayey

The group was founded on October 15, 1964 by a group of teachers and students of the Benjamin Harrison School in Cayey.  Teachers included Juan Ángel Nogueras, Víctor Vazquez and Manuel Rodríguez.  Through the years, this Tuna has reaffirmed its commitment to folklore and the Puerto Rican culture, and it has increased the typical Christmas repertoire.” “El Sopón”, “La Gata”, “Puerca Sinverguenza”, and “Son borinqueño” are songs that are etched in the Puerto Rican popular repertoire, and are as popular today as when they premiered in the late 1960s.

Initially called Tuna Estudiantina de Cayey, the iconic group is a symbol of strength and stability as they have remained active without interruption for half a century, even with the volatility that characterizes the music industry.

The Tuna has 26 members. All members need to pass a probatory period before becoming a permanent member of the institution. They have always sought that members are people who are also exemplary citizens.


La Tuna has produced 40 records that include:

Candela con la Tuna de Cayey
Candela y Puerca Sinverguenza
La Tuna de Cayey
Clásicos de Puerto Rico
Lo Mejor de la Tuna y algo nuevo
Con Chucho Avellanet y la Tuna de Cayey, 1999
Viaje Musical, 2005
15 Éxitos Navideños, 2005
Al Rescate de la Navidad, 2007
Parranda navideña con La Tuna de Cayey, 1982
Que No Se Acabe la Navidad – María & Gianne Los Ruiseñores y La Tuna de Cayey, 2011
Tuna  de  Cayey, 50  años…y  seguimos, 2015

Popular Songs

El sopón
Si no me dan de beber lloro
Estas navidades van a ser candela
Puerca sinverguenza
Son boriqueño
Caminan las nubes
Trulla de la Gata

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