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Plenealo Band

Plenéalo is a Puero Rican plena band that is original from Aibonito, a town located in Puerto Rico’s Central Mountain Range (“Cordillera Central”).  This is an interesting fact given that plena is more abundant in the Puerto Rico coastal zones.  Plenealo’s plena music has a modern twist, it incorporates the Brazilian batucada and percussion instruments that accentuate its Afro Caribbean rhythms, They also incorporate a winds section with two trumpets, a saxophone, and a trombone.


‘Pa que suene el pandero
Distinto y diferente
Enamorado de Puerto Rico
Plenéalo soy yo
Con el sabor de mi plena
Plenéalo, Mas Allá
Somos la plena


2012 Nominee for Best Traditional Tropical Album
Paoli’s Revelation of the Year
Musical Culture Award
Your Music Award
Encounter with Jíbaro Music Award


“Mirala” song

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