Preciosa is a popular song written by Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernández. The song was first recorded in 1937 and has since become one of the most recognizable and beloved songs in the Latin American music repertoire.

The song is a tribute to the natural beauty of Puerto Rico, with lyrics that describe the island’s lush greenery, crystal clear waters, and vibrant culture. The melody is a lively and infectious mix of Caribbean rhythms, including bomba and plena, which are both traditional Puerto Rican musical genres.

Over the years, this song has been recorded by numerous artists and has become a symbol of Puerto Rican pride and identity. The song has also been adopted as an anthem of sorts by the Puerto Rican diaspora, particularly in New York City, where it is often played at cultural events and celebrations.

In addition to its musical significance, “Preciosa” also has historical significance as a symbol of Puerto Rican resistance and nationalism. The song was written at a time when Puerto Rico was still a colony of the United States, and its lyrics reflect a deep sense of pride in the island’s culture and heritage.

Overall, “Preciosa” is a beloved and iconic song in the Latin American music canon, and its enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless appeal and significance.


Yo sé lo que son los encantos, 
de mi Borinquen hermosa 
por eso la quiero yo tanto 
y siempre la llamaré preciosa 

Isla del Caribe 
Isla del Caribe, 

Yo sé de tus hembras trigueñas, 
y del olor de tus rosas 
y a esa mi tierra riqueña, 
por siempre la llamaré, preciosa. 

Isla del Caribe 
Isla del Caribe, 

Preciosa te llamen los olas 
del mar que te bañan, 
Preciosa, por ser un encanto, 
por ser un Edén 

Y tienes la noble hidalguía 
de la madre España 
y el fiero cantillo del indio bravío 
lo tienes también. 

Preciosa te llamen los bardos 
que cantan tu historia 
no importa el tirano te trate 
con negra maldad. 

Preciosa, serás sin bandera 
sin lauros ni gloria. 
Preciosa, preciosa te llaman 
los hijos del la libertad.

Marc Anthony’s Interpretation

One of the most beautiful interpretations of Preciosa has been recorded by Puertorican-American singer Marc Anthony, whom has recorded his own version of “Preciosa” that showcases his unique vocal style and interpretation of the song.

In this version of the song, Anthony infuses the classic melody with his own signature style, adding his distinctive salsa flavor to the bolero rhythm. He also brings a deep emotional intensity to the song, conveying the pride and love he feels for his Puerto Rican heritage.

Anthony’s interpretation is notable for its raw energy and passion, as he uses his powerful voice to bring the lyrics to life. He also pays tribute to the song’s historical significance, acknowledging its role as a symbol of Puerto Rican identity and resistance. Marc Anthony’s version of “Preciosa” is a powerful and dynamic interpretation of the classic song, showcasing both his vocal talent and his deep connection to his Puerto Rican roots.

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