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Calle Nemesio Canales
San Juan

Hato Rey


Anfiteatro Tito Puente Review

For small events or private concerts, this place has always been a hit. Rain or shine, day or night, this amphitheater has a perfect location. Events usually take place during the night, but the favorites are during the sunset. As the sun sets behind the VIP/Air Conditioning building behind you, the light and shade just adds that tropical feel while the bamboos swing with the wind and the music is soothing your ears. Simply, perfect!

Fits about 2,000 people and you can bring your beach chairs since there aren’t chairs in the stadium. They are wide steps, and have railings to dived sections. Many stairs divided evenly to access 2 bathrooms in the back. Also in the back, underneath the VIP/Air conditioning building, events set up beer stands, food, souvenirs stands. etc..

The stage is a perfect circle. Raised about 2 feet of the lowest part of the floor. Although, when planned with a bigger stage, the venue looks way bigger and more like a concert. From experience, the BEST evetn to attend is the Puerto Rio Heineken Jazz Fest. Currently held every year around the in of March. See the event announcement.

If you plan to come here with friends or family, we suggest you bring a beach chair and an umbrella just in case it rains.

Original Source: Yelp.

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