Festival del Limber

Festival del Limber

September 27, 2015
10:00 am

Balneario Los Machos



The 5th edition of Festival Playero del Limber will be celebrated the last Sunday of September.

Limbers are a Puerto Rican ice treat that delights children and adults alike.  The icy treat got its unusual name in honor of Charles A. Lindbergh. When Lindbergh flew alone to Puerto Rico on his 26th birthday, he was offered a frozen fruit juice. He enjoyed it and since then the locals started freezing the juice and called it Limber in honor of the man who inspired this much loved frozen treat. Limbers can be found throughout the island being sold at roadside fruit stands, and they can even be found at local Colmados (convenience stores), or gas stations. Also, in every community, there is always a neighbor that sells limbers for an affordable price.

“When I was a little girl during my vacations to Puerto Rico to visit family I noticed that in many neighborhoods there were ladies who from their kitchen or living room sold “limbers” to make extra money to help with home expenses. Limber was the most refreshing treat I had during the hot Caribbean summer vacations.”

Source: Limbers History and 4 Receipes,

Balneario Los Machos, the place where the festival is celebrated is located in Ceiba, Puerto Rico.

What to expect

  • Food kiosks
  • Crafts
  • Games

Performers in the 5th Edition:

  1. Fire Combo
  2. Ritmo Kaliente
  3. El Vente Tu

Afiche del V Festival del Limber
Actividades del V Festival del Limber

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