Festival de la Paloma Sabanera

Festival de la Paloma Sabanera

December 4, 2015 - December 6, 2015
All Day

Plaza Pública de Cidra



Description of Festival de la Paloma Sabanera

This festival is held in Cidra to sensitize the public about the preservation of the plain pigeon (“paloma sabanera”, also columba inornata wetmorei). This bird is part of our endangered wildlife. It is a relatively large (about 15 inches), its  overall color is gray-whine), with white on the edge of its wings. The legs are reddish, the beak is black, and is the only pigeon in Puerto Rico. with blue eyes.  This festival is held in a small painteresque town in one of the most beautiful areas of the island.

What to Expect

  • Cockfights
  • Carnival
  • Athletic Marathon
  • Gastronomy
  • Exhibition of Pigeons



Los Cantores de San Juan
Tuna de Cayey
Banda Acústica Rodante
Tito Auger de Fiel a la Vega, Mike Rivera, Ruco Gandía
Nore Feliciano y Walter Morciglio
El Abuelo del Género
Tuna Escolar de Cidra
Orq. Cañonazo
Conjunto Criollo
Talento Cidreño
Ballet Folklórico de Naranjito

Afiche del Festival de la Paloma Sabanera
Afiche del Festival de la Paloma Sabanera

More About Paloma Sabanera

The main food of palomas sabaneras is the seed of royal palm trees.  Also eggplant, bicaré, camasey and yagrumo, grass seed and livestock feed particles. The nest is made by both birds, being the male who works the most.

About Cidra

Cidra is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the central region of the island. Although Cidra is not known as a tourist main stop, it features several places of interest to visit. The town center features historic places like Nuestra Señora del Carmen Parish and the Iberia Theater, both built during the first half of the 20th Century. In the outskirts of the town, tourists can visit Lake Cidra and Perico’s Waterfalls. Frog’s Rock and Hamacas Bridge are also landmarks frequently visited by tourists.



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