Vejigantes en el Carnaval Comunitario de Ponce

Vejigantes en el Carnaval Comunitario de Ponce

September 10, 2015 - September 13, 2015
12:00 am

Parque Morell Campos



Carnaval de Ponce

The third edition of Carnaval Comunitario de Ponce will be held from September the 10th to September the 13th. Many communities from several municipalities in the South will get together to celebrate with music, parades, vejigantes, and merry-go-rounds.

About Ponce

Ponce is the  most populated city outside the San Juan area. The city has a colonial style, with an atmosphere charmingly laid-back in contrast to the economic and nightlife activity in San Juan. There are many attractions in Ponce, you can check some of them in They have an excellent article that details how to get around Ponce. Ponce is known to be one of the best exposers of the vejigante tradition in Puerto Rico, where you will some of the island’s best artisans and mask-makers.

About Vejigantes

This article features a picture of a vejigante, a folkloric character in Puerto Rican carnivals,  festivals, and other events. They wear brightly colored, ornate masks of all colors and costumes with bat-like wings. The origin of the vejigantes go back to medieval Spain, when infidel Moors were defeated in a battle led by St. James. At the time, people dressed as daemons participated in processions to honor the Saint. In Puerto Rico, the tradition was enriched with the bomba  and plena music.

What to expect

  • Food kiosks/gastronomy
  • Carnival environment
  • Live music
  • Artistic Performances
  • Merry-go-rounds

Type of event


Program of activities

Jueves, 10 de Septiembre

Entrada del Rey Momo
Desfile saliendo desde frente al Cementerio Civil.
Protocolos de Apertura

En Tarima:
08:00 PM – Comparsa Vejigantes de la Playa de Ponce
08:30 PM – Kevin Gabriel “El Gallito Salsero”
09:30 PM – Grupo Son Del Sabor Viernes

11 de Septiembre:

Baile de Máscaras
Reconocimiento Al Gran Mariscal David Santiago Torres.

En Tarima:
08:00 PM – Renacer Osmosis & Kids
08:45 PM – Kpop Talent
10:00 PM – David Santiago y Sus Tambores

Sábado,12 de Septiembre:

07:00 PM – Coronación de las Reinas Desfile saliendo desde frente al Cementerio Municipal Civil

En Tarima:
09:00 PM – Zaki Malave & Rumba Stars
10:30 PM – Grupo Bandarica
11:30 PM – Horus “El Nuevo Talento”

Domingo, 13 de Septiembre:
04:30 PM -Desfile de Carnaval,
Saliendo desde frente al Cementerio Municipal.

En Tarima:
07:00 PM – Centenaria Banda Municipal de Ponce
09:00 PM – Ricardo Jesús “La Voz Juvenil Ponceña”
10:30 PM – Grupo Fuera de Liga

Additional Information

Visit the Facebook page of Mayita Meléndez or the official Facebook page.  Also, check this article published by La Perla del Sur.



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