Aniversario de la Placita de Santurce 2014

Aniversario de la Placita de Santurce 2014

November 20, 2014 - November 23, 2014
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Placita de Santurce



La Plaza del Mercado in Santurce is a slice of typical Puerto Rico.  The marketplace is a quaint square with a colorful central building fronting giant avocado sculptures. Inside is a traditional market where, during the day, you can find fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other local produce. Around the market, fondas and bars line the plaza. From Thursday to Sunday, La Placita transforms into a crowded, lively, block party.  

Program of Activities

Aniversario de la Placita de Santurce 2014
Aniversario de la Placita de Santurce 2014

Jueves, 20 noviembre 2014

1:00pm – Normando Valentín
3:00pm – Remoto KQ105
5:00pm – El Azote con Dávila Colón
7:00pm – Edgardo Monserrat
8:00pm – Dj
9:00pm – Pirulo y La Tribu
10:00pm – DJ Iván Robles

Viernes, 21 noviembre 2014

9:00am – Pabón Roca & Díaz Olivo
10:00am – Entrevista de Frente con Ruben Sánchez
12:00md – Jay Fonseca
5:00pm – Banda Los Vázquez
7:00pm – Parranda Plenéalo
8:30pm – Edgardo Monserrat
10:00pm – Roy Brown

Sábado, 22 noviembre 2014

5:00pm – Banda Los Vázquez
7:00pm – Batucada Scotiabank
8:00pm – Ale Croatto
9:15pm – Bienvenida Navidad Scotiabank
9:20pm – Raphy Leavitt y la Selecta
11:00pm – DJ

Domingo, 23 noviembre 2014

12:00md – DJ
2:00pm – Zanqueros Scotiabank
3:00pm – Música Trovadores
6:00pm – Plenéalo

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